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Long gone are the days when you had to book an appointment, travel to a destination, and waste time and money on a massage that didn’t turn out to be what you wanted.

This is the era of the customer which is why outcall massages are becoming a thing now more than ever. But, with so many services available, you might end up making the wrong decision once again.  

If you don’t want to risk it, stick with us as we outline what makes an outcall massage service great.

4 Key Features of a Quality Outcall Massage Service 

If you want to treat yourself to a sensual massage, things can go in one of the two directions: you’ll either enjoy it so much that you’ll get addicted to the experience or ditch the idea of having a sexy girl massage your body altogether. Assuming you’re here for the former and not the latter, these are the factors you must consider before choosing the best outcall massage service. Here is an article on an outline of the services available in an outcall massage.

Customization Options

People usually opt for outcall massages as it offers them a chance to play by their own rules. Are you concerned about the cleanliness of the massage parlors? Do you prefer to choose your own music while enjoying a massage? Is the chance to choose your masseuse important to you?

If these are the things that will make your experience more pleasing, it’s time to book yourself an outcall massage. However, before making an appointment, make sure to do your research. Although most of the outcall massage services do offer you a chance to customize your experience to your preferences, there’s no harm in asking a few questions. Be very forward with your expectations when contacting the manager and make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for. 

In case the service doesn’t fit your criteria, you can always contact Body Bliss – we let you design the massage of your dreams! 

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Great outcall massage service providers must be willing to move things around and fit your schedule – not the other way around. One of the best things about outcall massages is the fact that you can choose the time, place, and masseuse. 

When booking an outcall massage, inform yourself of the working hours, how far are the masseuses willing to travel, or can they make you an appointment at your preferred time. What if you have an early morning tomorrow and the only available term the manager is willing to offer you is late at night? That’s obviously not going to work!

If you’re not satisfied with their conditions, maybe that’s not the provider you were looking for. Luckily, there are plenty of other outcall services that are willing to walk the extra mile for your ultimate convenience and, of course, satisfaction. 

Choice of Masseuses 

Probably the first thing people consider when booking an outcall massage is who’s going to be massaging them. When it comes to sensual massages, looks play a huge part in choosing the provider. 

Most of the outcall massage services have websites where you can take a look at the masseuses and choose the one you find the most attractive. If you can’t see the masseuses or you’re not allowed to pick your favorite, that might be the warning sign you were looking for. Maybe the provider is using pictures from different websites just for advertisement purposes, and you’ll end up spending time with a girl you never would’ve picked up otherwise. Yes, we all love surprises, but you wouldn’t want to be surprised with a girl that just isn’t your ‘type’. 

Ask the manager to verify the photos are real and make sure you get confirmation that the girl you chose will be knocking at your door! 

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Professionalism & Experience 

Saw a masseuse you liked and you can’t wait to spend some alone time with her? Don’t jump the gun just yet! There are a lot of pretty girls, but are they good at massaging? Looks are deceiving, and remember, you’re paying for a massage that will awaken your senses and relax your body, not a pretty face to look at! 

A round of research won’t do any harm – read online reviews about the provider, see what other clients are saying. You can always contact the manager directly and ask them how long they have been on the market, do their masseuses have any kind of certificates, can you see other people’s testimonials, etc. 

Note that it doesn’t necessarily mean that if an outcall massage service is new it’s also not worth your while. It just means that you’ll have to have a clear picture of what they’re offering and your best bet is to contact the manager. 

Finding the Right Match 

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to outcall massages. What you expect from such an experience might greatly differ from other people’s expectations, so just taking your friends’ word that a certain outcall massage service is the best won’t do the trick. Instead, take all of the above-mentioned things into consideration and you’re guaranteed to find a provider that works best for you! 

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