Would you like to unwind and get yourself ready for a pleasurable experience? Have you considered the possibility of getting aroused with an erotic massage that can both calm and excite your body? 

It’s sometimes easier said than done when it comes to spicing things up or trying something new and exciting, especially if you’ve been with your spouse for a long time. How can you find new ways to get intimate without performing acrobatics?

When talking about luxurious foreplay, we can easily refer to erotic massage. When preparing for sex (whether it’s oral, fingering, or penetration), you should not be thinking like a 16-year old anymore.

Making out should be more exciting and adventurous. Erotic massage is an incredible strategy to get aroused before having sex. This massage technique is great for connecting physically and emotionally with someone while also turning them on.

It’s private, sensuous, and calming, and you can enjoy one another’s company while still working off the tensions of the day!

Erotic Massage Is About The Touch

Both couples can benefit from the gift of touch. An erotic massage can be done as a standalone treat – as in, “sweetie, I would just like to appreciate you and your body.”

Touch is used not just to signal affection and intimacy to your partner, but it also generates a neurochemical called oxytocin – popularly known as “love hormone” – that can also boost both partners’ bonding experience.

A poorly administered massage, on the other hand, can result in a turn-off, so keep these suggestions in mind if you’re aiming to deliver a flawless and memorable massage that is soothing and exhilarating.

Choosing the Best Massage Ambiance

For a wonderful massage session, creating a comfortable and relaxing environment is essential.

Choose a Massage Location

Even though a bed has been the most comfortable spot to rest, a couch would suffice, so long the atmosphere is peaceful and appealing. It is difficult for some people to relax when there is so much disorder around them, so keep the environment as serene as possible.

Room Temperature

Keep an eye on the surrounding temperature. If this is too hot, you’ll either be sweating even before the action starts or feel restless. If the temperature is too low, your partner might become uncomfortable rather than relax. Their comfort is essential.

Creating the Ambience

Ensure you have a dim light. You don’t need to replace your lights; a bedside lamp can do the magic. Just place it on the floor in such a way that the lights are not too bright on you.

Another lighting option for a perfect massage experience is using candles. Not only do candles add a pleasant aroma to the atmosphere, but they also cast a gorgeous glow over you and your partner.

Relaxing Music

Before you start having fun, you should perform a soundcheck. Turning off cell phones is an example of this. Relaxing R&B music could be used as long as it appeals to both of you.

Whatever you choose, such as the lighting, and the sound level should be soft and moderate.

Massage Supplies and Equipment

You’ll want to have the following items on hand:

Prepare Your Hands

Giving your partner a pleasurable massage requires the use of your hands. So, before you give a massage, make sure your hands aren’t already tired.

Massage Oil

Your partner will benefit from the reduced friction from the massage oil, resulting in a more pleasurable session. Fortunately, there are varieties of massage oils to pick from such as scented oils, edible oils, and natural oils. Massage oils come in different scents.

Massage Lotions

Massage lotions are a fantastic alternative to oils if you don’t like using oils. Lotions have a lower tendency to stain, nevertheless, lotions soak faster than oils and would need to be applied more frequently. Massage lotions are formulated to provide a more prolonged massage than normal lotions.

Erotic Massage Technique

These are some moves and steps you could take to give your partner a great erotic massage.

Massage Touch

Light, gentle touches show your partner that you care, while harder, deeper rubbing gives them a sense of security. To keep your hands from fatigue, make sure they are as relaxed as possible.

Face Massaging

Your partner’s face is unlikely to have received much treatment in a long time. In these regions, use delicate, lingering caresses. Do not be afraid to make eye contact; this shows your lover that you care about their pleasurable experience.

The Shoulders and Neck

You can begin beneath their ears and softly glide downwards. Tension can be relieved by applying deeper strokes with your fingers and thumbs along the shoulders and neckline.

Techniques for Back Massage

When massaging your partner’s back, get into a comfortable position, such as sitting on their ass. Start with long and firm strokes from the shoulders down to their backs and into their buttocks area, then gently caress their sides with your fingers or fingertips. This can give them a nice thrill. Experiment with different speeds and pressure levels so that you can determine what works best for you and your partner.

Legs Massaging

Some people don’t like it when their feet are touched, so seek permission first. There are some parts of the legs that are extremely sensitive to touch.

Get a Professional Erotic Massage

Having an erotic massage with your partner is great, however, you could also use the service of a professional. At Bodybliss, we offer our customers a world-class outcall erotic massage service. We have beautiful masseuses that can give you that exciting erotic experience you desire.