It takes a level of courage to seek an erotic massage, especially for first-timers. The experience can be thrilling and usually leaves you to always seek more. The body cells come alive through the touch, sensual and erotic feel from the therapist. The nipples, vagina, and penis all stand alert. They become turgid, wet, and drippy. The body hairs are all standing with the legs being shaky. You want to experience this feeling, and not just read about it. Let’s ride together as we explore things to expect during the first-time erotic massage experience. This article seeks to give an insight into a first-time erotic massage.

The Essence Of An Erotic Massage

As with all types of massage, an erotic massage helps to reduce muscle strain and tension; helps the lymph gland by regulating the flow of blood and body fluids.

It equally helps in tissue healing and stimulation or sedation of the nervous systems. Some other benefits include: reducing muscle stiffness, reducing emotional or physical anxiety and stress, improving mental alertness, inducing deeper and better breathing, and improving body posture.

How To Prepare For An Erotic Massage

The best way to prepare is to relax your mind and nerves before the intended erotic massage. Ensure not to rush for an erotic massage. Allow your mind to be at peace. All of these aim to ensure you have the best out of your erotic massage. If your mind is disturbed, your body might not fully soak into the entire erotic massage therapy. It is also advisable to wear clothes which make you comfortable. The truth is, you would take those clothes off at some point before the massage starts, and therefore you would want to wear clothes that would also be comfortable for you to take off. Drinking plenty of water before the erotic massage can also be helpful as the body would be well hydrated. If time permits, it’s also important to have your bath before the erotic massage. The bath helps to prepare the entire body for the erotic massage process and helps make you smell and look fresh.

Walking Into The Erotic Massage Apartment

At this point, it’s best to feel relaxed once you are at the venue. You have just taken a leap of faith and are about to have a lifetime experience. This experience usually comes with a price as it is unforgettable. As a first-timer, the receptionist would usually assist with your choices. An introduction or a list of the service offered would be given to you. If you have any questions at this point, ensure you speak up. If you have a preference for the massage therapist, also do speak up and note your preference. After choosing your therapist, you would be allowed to know the availability. Lucky you if your preferred chosen therapist is available. This is the beginning of the action.

Meeting Your Erotic Massage Therapist

And so because erotic massage comes with a unique experience per user, the therapist would usually do a self-introduction and also tell you the services rendered and offered. Some therapists also offer extras, this would be made known to you as well. At this point, also speak up if you have any questions so they can be treated before the process begins. Let your therapist know your expectations. If there is a particular extra you hope to get, speak up at this time. This usually helps to set the environment and bring about a level playing ground between you and the therapist.

Extras And Payments

The process is seamless if you had a booking before coming over. Once you have made your choice of therapist, the receptionist would equally ask to know the length of time you have chosen, the extras chosen by you, and some other details. All of this is aimed at the pricing system. Once you have been told your price, it’s time to make payment. Some persons at this point prefer not to discuss the extras with the receptionist; it’s also a welcomed idea. In the room with the erotic massage therapist, you can discuss your extras and make payments to the therapist. However, it is worthy of note to always discuss finances outside the room so as not to kill the erotic mood once the massage starts.

Brief Chats And Health Checks

Usually, before an erotic massage occurs, the therapist might engage you in a little conversation, and usually would check your organs to be sure there are no impending health issues. It’s not scary as it sounds.

The Shower

The therapist would ensure you get clean before the dirty action begins. The cleaner and fresher you are, the closer the erotic therapist would get to you. However, if you require assistance at getting clean, the therapist would offer assistance for a token.

End Of Formalities And Beginning Of Action

This is the point when the massage starts. On the massage table, the erotic sensual fun starts. The shivering and shaking occur here. At this point, the nipples become firm and standing. The penis is ready for a thrust. The drippy and wet vagina speaks up here. The oils and erotic therapist hands are used to achieve this feat.

Erotic Massage Professional

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