The #1 Lingam Massage in Bangkok

Lingam Massage In your hotel or apartment

Is there a special massage service for me as a guy? What do I get from this kind of massage? How and where can I get such a service? The answer is Yes, there is a special massage service that is strictly meant for guys and it is called a Lingam massage. This massage service is designed to give you a heaven-like experience and you can enjoy this service in the hands of the beautiful ladies at Exotic Massage Bangkok.

Lingam massage is a type of massage that primarily targets the male genitals. As you might expect, it is a popular service where guys can have a lot of fun while enjoying great sexual pleasure at the same time. Our ladies at Exotic Massage Bangkok will make you discover the extent of sensual energy that has been stored in you. Our girls strive to deliver a peaceful, sexy, therapeutic, and stimulating session that will make you feel emotionally and physically rejuvenated. During this massage, sexual arousal and excitement would be at their highest for you.

Exotic Massage Bangkok offers its male customers a customized Lingam massage service. During this massage, our masseuse concentrates on the penis and other sensitive body parts to generate that sensual pleasure you desire. Although the tradition is centuries old, only a few masseuses are capable of delivering a satisfactory Lingam massage.



Tarn has a beautiful smile but also knows how to make her customers smile. You will not regret choosing Tarn, she is experienced, fun and friendly.


Dao always aims to please. With some impressive assets, Dao always leaves the customer coming back for more.

We guarantee you the greatest possible experience if you choose Exotic Massage Bangkok’s outcall Lingam massage. Our girls ensure customers’ satisfaction first and deliver the most spectacular and uplifting pleasures through their tender hands and enticing bodies. Like every other massage, Lingam massage also makes use of oil, so you should be ready to be oiled up.

The goal of a Lingam massage isn’t to suppress a sexual drive. On the other hand, it encourages multiple orgasms but without ejaculation. Some guys are unaware of the distinction between climaxing and ejaculating. If you’re one and you want to learn how to do it, our masseuses can show you how.

Our outcall Lingam massage service in Bangkok is intended to assist you in consciously exploring your sexuality, resulting in a substantially longer erection. The massage is more of a slow, sensual, and gentle genital massage than a fast handjob that leads to quick ejaculation. Our masseuse can apply over 20 different techniques to satisfy you. Are you willing to give them a shot?

All our masseuses are competent and whichever of them you choose is trained to pay attention to how you breathe and stop when you’re approaching climax. She can assist you in delaying ejaculation so you may enjoy the massage for a long period of time.

Aside from providing instant physical pleasure, a Lingam massage has a long-term benefit for your health and sex life. You can explore sexual energy from inside you once you know how your body works. You can release this energy when you want to enjoy an explosive orgasm.

Now, imagine a beautiful woman’s soft and slippery hands on your penis and trying to lead you to a state of relaxation. Consider how she revitalizes your Lingam by touching it in ways that you have never felt before. Yes, that’s what you can experience.

Outcall Lingam massage service is one of Exotic Massage Bangkok’s most popular services, and it’s the best way to delight yourself while you’re in Bangkok. You can enjoy yourself in the comfort of your own home by exploring a new world of erotic massage techniques from us.

All you have to do is choose one of our sexy girls, then contact us so that we can inform you of her availability and provide you with additional options. You’ll feel physically and mentally better after a Lingam session with a skilled massage therapist from Exotic Massage Bangkok.