Are you fascinated at the thought of having multiple orgasms as a man? Would you like to know how and where this type of massage could have originated from? A lingam massage is a very common and desired sensual massage type. The Shiva Linga and its phallic symbols are the inspiration for this massage. But how significant are these beliefs to lingam therapists and practitioners, and what is the storyline of this well-known massage?

In this article, we’ll learn some fascinating details about the myth of Linga worship, how the lingam was formed, and what lingam control implies. In the tantric tradition, Linga (Shiva or masculine energy) and Yoni (Shakti or feminine energy) are interdependent energies that go beyond man-woman. Hence they frequently appear together in tantric or mystic sexuality ceremonies.

What exactly is Shiva Linga?

In Sanskrit, the word “linga” is translated to mean “symbol” or “mark”. Therefore, Shiva Linga could be called the symbol of Lord Shiva, who is a Hindu god. The Shiva Linga, or lingam, is commonly thought to represent the phallus, an emblem of natural human creation, but this is a serious misconception, according to Swami Sivananda, a Hindu spiritual teacher.

The lingam as a creation symbol

The Shiva Linga is considered sacred to Lord Shiva’s followers as a holy symbol of creation. While the word linga means “symbol,” the word lingam could also mean “penis.” As a result, the penis is Shiva’s symbol, and it is highly revered by Shiva worshippers due to its holy imagery and vital role in human creation. Because of this, phallic statues are placed outside temples as a show of respect.

The statues are typically made of stone, whether they are carved manually or occur naturally. Metal, wood, earth, gems, sand, clay, crystals, or even ice can be used to create these statues. Stone and metal are the most common and widely used materials. The most common statue is a tall, elliptical, and round construction of a penis on top of a circular base.

Lingam’s Origin and Myth

On the Lingam myth, there seems to be no consensus. The origin of Lingam is shrouded in mystery. To summarize the story, Shiva disguised himself as a traveler who went ahead to irritate some mystic worshipers. He infuriated them by making nasty, seductive gestures and dancing completely naked with his penis exposed. The sages’ maids and daughters were enthralled by his sensual dancing. Shiva intended to test them if they would recognize him by dressing up like a filthy beggar.

Because they couldn’t recognize Shiva, the sages were outraged. They realized the weird man was not willing to answer their questions, so they cast spells on him to separate his phallus from his body. As soon as the words were spoken, Shiva’s manhood fell to the ground, destroying everything in its path. A vast column of light appeared at the same time, destroying the Earth and all living beings and worlds. The only solution was for the goddess Parvati (who was adorned as a vagina) to act as a platform for the phallus to be placed on and adored with music, offerings, flowers, and fragrances.

The Linga’s Interpretation: Worshiping the Phallus

Scholars have speculated on the numerous meanings of a Shiva Linga. The most obvious meaning is that reproduction is worshiped. Because “lingam” means “penis,” experts believe that the entire concept of Shiva Linga and its accompanying practices is to improve reproductive function. Sexual energies are said to be exchanged whenever the yoni and lingam (vagina and penis, respectively) touch during copulation. This is reflected in a variety of rituals involving lingam statues. 

One such interpretation depicts a water container (Kalash) suspended over the Shiva Linga, with the water pouring over the statue representing the concept of intercourse. Scholars believe that the connection between the yoni and lingam in a Shiva Linga serves as a central focus for the creation of energy.

The Significance of Lingam in Tantra

Tantra is a practice that focuses on extending pleasure in order to conserve life energy, improve concentration, and achieve the highest level of spiritualism. Tantric influences can be found in Shiva’s theory as well. According to tantra, the lingam symbolizes Lord Shiva’s phallus in a spiritual form. The lingam is said to hold the seed, and it is also seen as the heart of cosmic energies. When the lingam begins to rise to unite and connect with the yoni, the ultimate exchange of cosmic and sexual energies occurs.

Formation of lingam massage

A lingam massage incorporates all of Shiva Linga’s theories. Since the lingam contains powerful natural energies, the goal of a lingam massage is to assist the body in controlling how and when these energies are released. Because wasting energy is frowned upon, a lingam masseuse teaches men how to prolong pleasure, lengthen the arousal period, and postpone ejaculation.

A lingam massage is also a method of worshiping the penis as a sacred symbol. This sacred object receives complete and undivided attention during the massage. In contrast to religious rituals and prayers, lingam massage takes a more physical approach, offering manual sexual stimulation and pleasure.

What does lingam control imply?

According to scholars, the ancient diviners of India claimed the Linga possessed a mysterious but effective power known as “Shakti.” Because Shakti is said to influence concentration and help the soul focus its attention, lingam statues were built in and around Lord Shiva temples.

Because the lingam contains such potent energy, it is considered wasteful to release it whenever you want. Lingam massage teaches men how to control their arousal. It’s critical to understand that orgasm and ejaculation are not the same. A man’s orgasms will become more frequent, intense, long-lasting, and efficient after he masters how to control ejaculation.

The Linga is more than a stone statue for lingam followers. This object is what propels the man to pursue new levels of awareness and spirituality. It’s the emblem that keeps him glowing, focused, and in touch with divinity.

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