The prostate is generally referred to as the male G-spot, and understanding how to stimulate yourself or the prostate of your partner can result in tremendous full-body orgasms that could improve your sex life.

What Exactly Is the Male G-Spot?

The term male G-spot, sometimes known as the P-spot, is a phrase used to identify the prostate gland. The prostate’s role in men is to create prostatic fluid, which combines with sperm to make sperm flow and survive longer when released. The prostate, which is located between the bladder and penis, contains muscles that eject semen through the urethral passage during ejaculation.

Apart from its involvement in the formation of sperm, the prostate may be massaged for sexual pleasure and cause intense orgasms, earning it the nickname “male G-spot.” A prostate orgasm can be achieved by massaging the prostate gland with direct stimulation from the finger.

Prostate orgasms are often more powerful than penile orgasms and may even generate muscular contractions similar to those experienced during full-body multiple orgasms. This wonderful feeling is due in part to the fact that the prostate is surrounded by thousands of hypersensitive nerve endings, nearly as many as found in the clitoris.

How to Locate the Male G-Spot

Before you could even do G-spot stimulation on a penis-owner, you must first identify the prostate, which is roughly two inches inside the rectum underneath the bladder. To make locating the prostate simpler, try some foreplay. This is because stimulation causes more blood to flow to the prostate, allowing it to enlarge to a bigger size.

Insert your finger about two-four inches deep into the anus. If you point your finger toward the belly button, you should be able to feel the prostate on the rectum’s front wall. It is around the size and thickness of walnut and usually feels hard compared to other tissues in that area. External stimulation of the prostate can also be achieved by rubbing the perineum, or the region between the anus and scrotum. Although external prostate stimulation can be enjoyable, however, anal penetration is usually needed to create a strong prostate-induced orgasm.

How To Achieve Prostate Orgasm

Start Slow

When it comes to prostate orgasm, it’s crucial to go slowly and gently, especially when you’re just getting started. Make sure your fingers are trimmed  (the same way you won’t want a sharp fingernail in your vagina, your boyfriend doesn’t want such anywhere near his ass.) Ensure you have plenty of foreplay and that your spouse is comfortable and excited before heading for the backdoor. As I previously stated, male prostate expands when he is excited, therefore turning him on would make it simpler to spot his prostate.

Get Into Position

Once he’s ready, get him into position. One of the most comfortable prostate massage positions is when the guy sits with his back to the wall and some pillows behind his back. If he puts his feet flat and opens his knees wide, you’ll have easier access. You could even have your boyfriend sit in a tiny chair with his buttocks slid all the way near the edge of the chair. Then you can kneel and get to work.

Start From The Outside

Because the prostate is located within, it cannot be touched right away. The perineum can be used to stimulate the prostate externally. Starting with the perineum is a wonderful suggestion, especially if your spouse is reluctant. Even if you end up placing your finger inside his rectum, starting with a perineal massage is a smart idea. 

Find The Prostate

In the rectal canal, the prostate is about two inches deep. You don’t have to dig very far to find it. Just insert your finger slowly and softly. Your palm should be tilted up while your finger slides across. A walnut-sized tissue is what you’re after. And because it feels different from other tissues in the rectum, finding it should be simple.

Stimulate The Prostate

Once you’ve discovered the prostate, slowly rub it with your fingers as you did with the perineum, then gradually increase the pressure. Once you’ve found the perfect pressure, try a couple of other strokes to see which one he enjoys. Make circles using your fingers, keep your finger immobile and apply pressure, or slide your fingers in and out. After several stimuli, you should experience a full-bodied orgasm.

Let An Expert Do It

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