Are you a massage enthusiast or novice seeking to know more about massages? Or did you just read about Nuru massage and are wondering if you could try this at home? This article would explain what a Nuru massage is and show you where you can get the best Nuru massage service in Bangkok. Continue reading to find out more!

What Is Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is a massage technique that originated in Japan and is now being practiced in the western world. Nuru is the Japanese word for slippery and this massage is seen as a spiritual journey in the Japanese culture. In this type of massage, the masseuse uses her whole body to massage a client or receiver. Nuru massages have been found in studies to significantly boost the mental well-being of the participants after a session.

This massage type also helps to relax the muscles and moisturize the skin. Nuru massage is a one-of-a-kind experience that can promote and enhance your energy and general wellbeing. This massage type is far from the traditional massage you know because it is done in a more slippery environment and involves not just the use of hands but the whole body.

Can I Do Nuru Massage At Home?

Now to the question of trying a Nuru massage at home; unlike the traditional massage where you use your hands, Nuru massage involves using the full-body soaked in oil. This type of massage might not be easy to achieve at first because it is usually done by a trained masseuse. But does that mean it is impossible to achieve at home? Certainly not! In fact, most couples use this massage to spice up their love life and build more intimacy. Being bathed in gel and gliding over your lover might not only provide unique sensations but also make you feel more at ease inside your own soul. You can achieve more than simply a physical connection because Nuru sessions are naturally intimate and can strengthen emotional bonds.

You might not be able to give your partner a professional Nuru massage at home because you’re not trained for that, but you can still do pretty well. And since it is coming from you, your partner should be delighted. Yeah, he would!

What Can You Get When You Do A Nuru Massage At Home

Nuru massage is becoming more popular among couples as it has been proven to help in decreasing stress and reviving intimacy. Nuru massage focuses on several erogenous zones of the body to promote sexual arousal in couples. Furthermore, it is helpful in the development of a strong link between couples since both parties would have the opportunity to reflect on their connection during the massage. It provides a tranquil environment for couples to focus on their love without being distracted by other difficulties in their lives. Couples that understand the benefits of this massage include it in their daily intimacy practice.

Is It Easy To Get Nuru Gear?

Nuru massage is a blissful and sensual experience that you could enjoy in the comfort of your own home. If you are unable to access the Nuru massage gel for whatever reason, we suggest using coconut or almond oil instead. A large plastic sheet to roll around on is included in a Nuru massage package! You may omit the massage package entirely and instead use oil and flannel sheets. You won’t have to think about staining your lovely linens if you use flannel sheets. A mattress protector could also come in handy. If you don’t have one, you may cover your ordinary bed with a plastic sheet. After this, the act of Nuru massage can begin.

The Nuru Massaging: Process

To get started with a Nuru massage at home, you have to ensure the environment is all set and conducive. The next thing is to apply enough oil to provide a smooth sliding and gliding between your bodies. For first-timers, you have to gently apply the oil on your partner’s skin, after which you would apply some on yourself to prevent friction. Once you’re greased up, experiment with sliding your body over that of your partner slowly. When you start the massage, you have to glide over him lightly. To produce lighter gliding, use your arms to support your body weight while you glide. Meanwhile, you can produce deeper pressure by gently releasing more body weight into your partner’s body. Allow your delicate nipples and breasts as they slide and drag on your partner’s body. Tease your lover by gliding every part of his body but the genitals.

After you’ve touched almost every muscle in his body and relieved all tension, you may go on to the pleasurable half of the encounter. Simply maintaining eye contact might start this part. Your genitals might start to rub and contact, with the oil lubricating each movement. After they’ve been thoroughly stimulated, proceed to penetration to bring the massage to a spectacular climax that induces orgasm.

Get Nuru Massage At Exotic Massage Bangkok

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