Do you believe it’s possible to have multiple orgasms? Have you ever looked forward to having multiple orgasms in a single experience? Do you think a Lingam massage can provide the experience you seek? You’ll never know unless you give it a shot. Let’s go on a journey of discovery to find out how you can achieve multiple orgasms with a lingam massage.

Lingam massage

Lingam massage is a type of massage that focuses on gently massaging the penis. Unlike other types of massage where you might have to stroke the penis a few times or when needed, lingam has all its concentration on the penile area. Lingam massage does not only stroke and massages the penis it also involves more services that cover the testicles and prostate.

Lingam massage isn’t just about having one orgasm, rather, it’s about getting more satisfaction as the massage progresses, which ultimately results in the creation of waves of multiple orgasms. We are conversant with the fact that women can enjoy multiple orgasms, but here is an opportunity for men to experience the same through a Lingam massage.

Lingam massage is designed specifically for men’s pleasure (the female version is usually referred to as a Yoni massage). One of the primary goals of a lingam massage is to help more people appreciate and understand their sexuality. This type of massage offers more than just pleasure and orgasm, however, there’s no wrong in going for lingam massage just for the pleasure alone. Lingam has the capacity to provide this satisfaction through strokes and touches designed to maximize erectile pleasure whilst also working slowly until the receiver reaches climax.

How to Use Lingam Massage to Achieve Multiple Orgasms

Lingam massage can be performed in two different ways: the first is by tantric masturbation which is done by the person who wants to enjoy it. The other method is having the massage done by a partner. The massage can be performed as a single act or as a preliminary step to intercourse. If you want to perform this one-of-a-kind massage technique for your partners’ pleasure and satisfaction, follow the steps below:

Make Your Partner Comfortable

You don’t want to start this massage in a rush because the goal is achieving multiple orgasms. So you want to start the whole process in a relaxed atmosphere and when your partner is in a relaxed state. Make your partner lie flat on his back in the position that makes him most comfortable. A pillow could be placed beneath his head or under his hips. For you to have easy and quick access to the genitals, he has to spread his legs with the knees bent. Let him take several deep breaths. It will make him feel more at ease.

Take deep breaths and relax

Before beginning the lingam massage, connect with your partner by simply taking deep breaths together so that you can both be properly aligned. While you’re massaging him, remind him to relax, breathe normally, and enjoy the sensations.

Lubricate and Massage the penile area

Gently apply your favorite massage oil into the shafts of his penis and testicles. Proceed by rubbing your hands up and down on both thighs before moving to the main part. This process would make him feel more relaxed. It’s now time to move on to his testicles. Massage them in a soft and gentle manner. Pulling the testicles gently with your fingernails is one option, using your hands to cup them and your palm to fondle them is another.

People have incredibly diverse preferences when it comes to touch in this area. Some people are more sensitive or ticklish than others. It’s appropriate to ask your spouse how he wants his testicles caressed before you start touching them.

Don’t allow him to climax

At this moment, your spouse may be incredibly excited and want to cum. If you pay close attention to his breathing, how his body moves, as well as how he groans, you should be able to determine if he’s approaching climax. You can just slow down or simply withdraw and encourage him to breathe and let go of the orgasmic feelings. It’s expected that his penis would go from rock-hard to semi-hard. That’s the way it’s designed to work. It’s a bad idea to let him achieve a climax too early. Keep him on the verge.

The Lingam Massage has come to an end

Allowing your partner to climax with an ejaculatory orgasm or proceeding to intercourse are ways to end a Lingam massage. You can let your partner hold all their fluids while they practice semen retention if they’re learning to turn genital orgasms into full-body energy orgasms.

Professional Lingam Massage

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