What Makes a Good Erotic Massage?

Who wouldn’t want to experience a kind of massage that feels like paradise? There’s no limit to how much pleasure you stand to experience when you receive a good erotic massage. Your sex life wouldn’t be the same. It’s like opening up a series of waves of pleasure you never knew were accessible.

What’s an erotic massage?

An erotic massage simply uses massage techniques on the erogenous zones of the receiver for heightened sexual pleasure. The aim is to enhance the recipient’s sexual arousal, which, in some cases, might result in an orgasm.

The massage techniques used can be of tantric origin, but without the many rituals and ceremonies involved.

Of all the forms of foreplay, erotic massage is the most luxurious. It requires some vital essential elements to get the best form of pleasure achievable.

The Essential Elements of an Erotic Massage

A good erotic massage gives the recipient an extraordinary opportunity to experience true and pure sexual pleasure. A good erotic massage creates a deeper kind of connection between you and your partner.

Certain elements are essential in an erotic massage for it to be considered a good erotic massage, and they are worth considering.

Creating A Sensual Environment

To have an exciting and overwhelming erotic massage experience for you and your partner, it is essential to create a sensual environment or scene. Of what importance is it? Well, it is simply because the environment can easily enhance or detract from the erotic experience of the recipient.

Zero Distractions

The first step is to create an environment completely devoid of distractions of any kind. Mobile devices, PCs, and others should be kept far from reach, if possible, out of the massage room. You should have the TV disconnected as well. Any device with a screen is capable of distraction and should be kept far away.

Set the mood

Following that, you should consider how your partner prefers to unwind. They might like the scent of a specific candle or floral arrangement. It is also recommended to play soft and instrumental music to create a world for just the two of you.

The Right Equipment

After you’ve completed all of the preceding steps, it’s time to think about the “equipment” you’ll use during the erotic massage. A massaging oil is an important component of an erotic massage, but which one you choose will be entirely dependent on your preferences and those of your partner. Almond and coconut oils are recommended because they have a pleasant fragrance and are extremely moisturizing.

Mineral oils are preferred by some people, while vegetable oils like sunflower or canola oil are preferred by others. Another factor to consider is the location of the massage for your partner. Of course, the bed is a good place to be if it is large enough for your partner to stretch out comfortably.

However, keep in mind that a table or the floor are both suitable options if a soft and layered mat is used.

A Ready-to-please Mindset

Nothing enhances a better and more active sex life between you and your partner like a good erotic massage. It is important that during the process, your mind is completely focused on giving your partner the utmost sexual pleasure. A ready-to-please mindset is an essential element in giving a good erotic massage. That is why it’s important to ask yourself the following questions before engaging in an erotic massage.

  • How can I make my partner’s sexual experience as pleasurable and relaxing as possible?
  • What are the most sensitive spots I can touch my partner to bring them intense pleasure?
  • How can I deeply connect with my partner in the most pleasurable way?
  • What indications should I look for in my partner’s reactions or responses?

The answers to these questions will assist you in maintaining a ready-to-please mindset throughout the erotic massage session. This is a very vital element of a good erotic massage, as it can give the sexual pleasure your partner desires and more.

The techniques to be used

Creating a sensual environment and having a ready-to-please mindset are essential elements in an erotic massage, but both elements are incomplete without the proper technique. Keep in mind that it is important to focus on how your partner responds to your touch. While you may be tempted to strictly adhere to a routine or a specific erotic massage technique, it is also critical that you rely on your intuition to determine what your partner prefers. Then, as needed, use your discretion to modify the routine.

It is recommended to begin an erotic massage session with soft and light touches. This is done to circulate the blood and prepare your partner for the massage that is about to take place. Begin with a light touch using the palm of your hand. Any pattern can be used, but circular movements are the most common and best for covering a larger area of the body.


If you are yet to experience an erotic massage, it’s time you gave it a thought. There is so much in store for you when you decide to give erotic massage a try. If you live in Bangkok or its environs, you can get a good erotic massage. It is an experience like none other, one you will be delighted you gave a thought to. At Bodybliss we have the best erotic massage Bangkok has to offer. Our beautiful Masseus are at your service and ready to get you the best erotic experience of your life.