If you are struggling with work, haggling with troubles at home, or battling to fulfill your sexual appetites, an erotic outcall massage might be just what the doctor (would’ve) ordered.

Ditch the idea that some might judge you if they consider an outcall massage as a bit nasty or wicked! If an outcall massage will put your mind and body at ease, you don’t owe any explanation. The truth is, there are many justifications why we should all opt for such a service. For starters, it can boost your sexual stamina, but much more than this, it gives a much-needed release from life pressures and helps loosen up your exhausted and fatigued muscles.

Why not give it a try today? You don’t even have to leave the convenience of your home or hotel room! How is this you ask? All you have to do is ask yourself what is the best outcall massage service in Bangkok – Exotic Massage Bangkok is the answer.

Should You Lower Your Expectations When Booking an Outcall Massage?

Depending on the provider you choose, there are many things you can expect from such a service. What you should never do is lower your expectations – the truth is, your outcall massage session should be as good as you imagined it to be! Outcall massage providers must check the basic three boxes – the service they provide has to be:

  • Private and secret to the public eye
  • Open to accommodate all your expectations
  • An unforgettable experience

An erotic outcall massage means that the masseuses themselves will come to you at a spot of your choice. They will make their way to you wherever you are.

Now that we covered the basics, is there anything else you need to expect when booking an outcall massage? Let’s walk you through the sensual journey – from the very start – to the very happy ending!

What Should You Expect During an Outcall Massage?

How your experience will turn out to be, mostly depend on the outcall massage provider and the masseuse of your choosing. However, this is how these types of massages usually work! If you’re interested in an overview of the services available in an outcall massage, check out this article.

Preparing for the massage

When the masseuse gets to your location, welcome them in and they will most likely take charge. Hold your horses! Even though the motive of erotic massage is to excite, the massage does not really start sexually.

The masseuse will stretch out a towel on the bed or a flat surface. Shower beforehand – yes, even if it’s a soapy massage you ordered.

Some masseuses will tell you whether to remove your clothes and cover them up with a towel – once again, depending on the massage you booked. If unsure or in doubt, plainly ask. If you are uncomfortable with nudity, let it be known – the masseuse will gladly ease you into it!

A slow and sensual start to the massage

Don’t be disappointed if your masseuse starts you off slow – rest assured, the best is yet to come. Usually, they’ll use some sort of oil or lotion, but you’ll be asked what you prefer. Since you’re the one making the choice of the massage you’d like, you’re in charge of what happens at the start.

No matter the massage you book, the goal remains the same – to help you get rid of all the tension accumulated in your body. To achieve that, the masseuse will start with easy, relaxing strokes to prepare you for the ultimate Nirvana.

Rise in crescendo

Midway through the massage, an overwhelming feeling of relaxation will occupy all your senses. This is when the magic happens – the masseuse will pay extra attention to your neck, face, thighs, chest, breast, or genitalia – this is where you will experience what outcall massages are all about – tending to all your needs!

By now, you will be sighing and moaning, a dead giveaway that you’re right where you need to be – a sign that you want more.

The happy ending/climax

Towards the end of the session, all your senses will be fully awake. Climax is not the goal of outcall massages – however, it’s not only welcomed but also encouraged. The endgame of this type of massage is complete enjoyment!

Freshen and clean up

Once the session is done, there’ll be no need for awkwardness. If you reached a climax, the masseuse will hand you a towel to clean up with. If not, she’ll give you your time to freshen up before she leaves the room. Either way, you’re good to go.


Tips are common. How much you decide to tip your masseuse depends on how satisfied you were with the service. Keep in mind that many outcall massage providers have a fixed tipping fee. If you’re satisfied with the service, the first thing you need to do is say thank you!

In all honesty, you’d be happy to tip your masseuse just a bit extra after she’s done working her magic on you – use your judgment to decide whether she’s worth more than her usual rate, and tip accordingly.

The Price Matches your Expectations

More often than not, we seek medical help for issues that can be resolved with a simple massage. Tension, anxiety, low libido – these are just some of the bumps on the road you might be facing that an outcall massage can greatly help with.

Think of it this way – you can’t put a price tag on relaxation, right?

It is your massage session. You paid for this time and the masseuse is there to make sure that you enjoy it. You now know what to expect. Just give them a ring and wait for nimble fingers to take you places you will want to visit again and again!