Outcall massage is simply defined as a massage performed at an address other than the location of a massage parlor. However, depending on the services offered by outcall massage providers, this definition might not do justice to the amazing experience you’re going to enjoy.

Outcall massages are taking the world by storm, with each provider trying to beat the competition by offering as many services as possible. If you thought that exotic outcall massages don’t go further than tantric or sensual massage, think again!

When your body aches for an outcall massage in Bangkok, these are the services you can expect – all of which are available at Exotic Massage!

Soapy Massage

If the thought of having a sexy masseuse spoiling you with a bath and a massage sounds like music to your ears, a soapy massage is just what you need. Known as one of Thailand’s most sought-after massages for more than one good reason, a soapy massage will put your mind at ease and relax your body.

The session usually lasts half an hour, and the girl of your choice will take you through different phases of pleasure. Things will start off easy with the masseuse using only her hands. But, the atmosphere will get heated pretty fast as she rubs her naked body against yours for the ultimate wet and slippery experience!

Sensual Massage

Given the stressful life we all lead, many people are experiencing low libido caused by accumulated negative, anxious thoughts. A sensual massage can boost your sex drive, transport you to a new world of erotic delights, and help you be in touch with your primal instinct.

Relying on proven hand techniques around your private zones, sensual massages are becoming a favorite not only for men but also for women and couples who desire more action in the bedroom.

Tantric Massage

Tantric massages are gaining a lot of traction lately. Known to unlock new realms of pleasure, it is possibly the most intense erotic massage out of the bunch. During a tantric session, the masseuse will use her mouth, phallus, vagina, and anus masterfully. In turn, you’ll get to orgasm like never before, awakening all your senses and freeing you from all physical boundaries and everyday problems.

If you need to work on the intimacy between you and your partner, a tantric massage will work miracles for your relationship. The masseuse can get you to connect on a deeper, meaningful level, unchaining your erotic energy, and helping you live your sexual potential as a couple.

Lingam Massage

Aimed at men and their genitalia, lingam massages help men experience immense sexual pleasure – but not in the usual way. During lingam massage, the girl will get you to orgasm multiple times – without ejaculating.

Aside from caressing your penis, the masseuse focuses on other erogenous body parts, including your scrotum, pubic bone, anus, all in an effort to help you get in tune with your body. Lingam massages rely on more than 20 techniques, all mastered by the girls’ gentle hands.

Nuru Massage

Although originally having started in Japan, nuru massages are now a thing all over the world. In case you’re yearning for some bodily contact, a nuru massage is just what you need. During the session, the masseuse uses her entire body to massage you. The best part is, they are suitable for all genders, regardless of your sexual orientation.

The girl of your choice will use an odorless massage lotion that doesn’t get sticky to make your experience extra slippery. At first, she’ll apply the lotion all over her nude body and then she’ll do the same to you. It is then when the real fun begins – she’ll rub her slippery body all over yours, putting you in an ecstasy-like state!

Yoni Massage

Yet another form of tantric massage, yoni massage will help you use your erotic energy properly. Aimed at women, this type of massage celebrates the vulva i.e. the sacred temple. Although you can probably get your partner to give you a yoni massage, the truth is, you haven’t seen or felt anything until you let a professional masseuse show you how it’s done!

Indulging in a yoni massage can bring you peace of mind and an overall blissful feeling that’s going to last for weeks to come. Whether you’re into women or not, give yourself the chance to enjoy a yoni massage – you won’t be sorry!

Prostate Massage

An all-time favorite among men, a prostate massage will make you rethink pleasure. Contrary to popular belief, true pleasure doesn’t come from the penis – it’s from the prostate. Fun fact: the skin in the prostate area counts up to four thousand nerve endings! A girl skilled in prostate massage knows how to tend to each of these nerves, leaving you shaking in pleasure.

No, the male G-spot is not a myth; it exists, even if you couldn’t find it. Worry not, a prostate massage will show you the way! Upon booking a prostate massage, you’ll get more than what you’re paying for; having a girl pay extra attention to your prostate is proven to have numerous mental and physical benefits!

Erotic Body-to-Body Massage

As the name itself suggests, an erotic body-to-body massage involves every part of your body – and the masseuses’. Very similar to the Lingam massage, this kind of massage will have the girl of your choosing rubbing her entire naked body against yours.

You may think that nothing can go wrong when booking a body-to-body massage, but the truth is, the girl you choose makes the difference between an enjoyable experience and an epic fail. With that thought in mind, Exotic Massage has made sure to hire only the best talents from the industry!

Kinky Service

Kinky is often related to forbidden, unthinkable, and dirty – and these words are in no way synonyms. No matter what anyone says, we all have a kinky side; we just have a hard time admitting it. No wonder you don’t feel comfortable expressing your kinkiness in an intimate setting with other people.

Booking yourself an outcall kinky massage gives you all the freedom to get in touch with your kinky self. Ranging from face sitting, costumes, gags, sex toys, tease & denial games – a great outcall massage service should offer you the full experience. No matter your fantasies, here is where they come to life!

Outcall Massage Providers are Here to Serve

After all has been said, you can figure out for yourself that there are not many limitations when it comes to the services offered by an outcall massage provider. If they’re not willing to accommodate your needs, rest assured there’s a masseuse out there that you’re yet to contact. If you want to read more check on this article where we cover what to expect from your outcall massage.

You need to remember that you need to be respectful at all times! If you are, you’ll get exactly what you’re paying for – and then some!