What comes immediately to mind when you hear the term Nuru massage? Do you imagine a gentle, caring hand stroking a slick gel on your skin? Or do you picture the smooth gliding of your lover’s body as it slides over yours? In any case, Nuru massage is a more effective seductive technique. It is likely the most satisfying, intimate, and pleasurable experience you will ever have with your partner. These fantastic and stress-relieving massages began in Japanese bathhouses where a gel that is extremely slippery is used to massage the body. This gel is made of an ingredient called nori seaweed which gives it a slippery nature.

Nuru Massage

A Nuru massage, for those who are unfamiliar with erotic massage, is a type of massage during which the therapist caresses the client using her own body. 

Traditional massage uses oil, while Nuru massage uses a special substance that is very slippery. This gel helps the masseuse to easily move their body over the recipient. Nuru massage sessions focus on exciting the entire body, with a greater emphasis on the erotic zones in order to arouse the recipient. There is a school of thought that claims sexual pleasure can reduce worry, tension, and a variety of other ailments. And this is something that a Nuru massage may readily provide you with.

A Nuru massage is an excellent way to bond and enhance the intimacy between you and your partner. During a Nuru massage between two lovers, there’s always this atmosphere that allows for unwinding, relaxing, and connecting physically or mentally. Feeling your partner’s body gliding over yours, with your body curves sliding and merging into one another, there’s no better sensual feeling than this. Your relationship becomes rekindled as you explore each other’s bodies and discover which areas genuinely satisfy you. The passion and thrill are further heightened when a Nuru massage becomes sexual. Your partner’s soft, seductive motions might have you swooning as they glide through your sensitive areas. Your pleasure and excitement would rise to the point where you can hardly think straight as you lose yourself totally on your partner’s body.

My partner and I are interested in a Nuru massage. Can we do it together?

Yes, you and your partner can enjoy a Nuru massage. Nuru massage has several benefits, and couples who truly understand the basics of this massage style can perform it and enjoy the experience just exactly the way it would be delivered by a professional masseuse. You might also seek assistance from masseuses who specialize in Nuru massages. At Exotic Massage Bangkok, we have beautiful girls who are experts in this massage technique and they help us effectively serve our customers to their full satisfaction. You can come to us if you want to have a taste of what a professional Nuru massage in Bangkok feels like. However, it is extremely easy for couples that desire to go on this sensuous adventure without the involvement of a stranger. Nuru massage can help couples to build stronger bonds. Couples that know the benefits of a Nuru massage often incorporate it into their sexual life since they would be able to reflect on their sexual desires and assist each other with satisfying these desires.

How To Start A Nuru Massage With Your Partner

Couples sometimes use a Nuru massage as a pre-sex activity because there is full body and naked skin contact. Nuru massage can be performed as a sexual act with no penetration. This massage usually feels strange for first-timers. But don’t be anxious; instead, embrace it, then gently soak yourself into the practice until it becomes easy and natural between you and your spouse. Because a Nuru massage is so personal, you will feel yourself bonding with your lover in a more intimate way.

Wondering how you should begin this beautiful massage experience? Don’t be troubled by that; the process and steps are easier than you would think. To get the most out of a Nuru massage, you must relax and carefully follow each step.

Get the supplies together

Nuru is a special massage type that requires specialized equipment, it is highly recommended that you purchase the essential materials or kits. It is better to use a gel prepared from nori seaweed than just any oil. This gel has no odor, color, or taste. Furthermore, it does not stain. It may, however, get messy.

Prepare the stage

Once you’ve obtained this gel, the following step is to set up the stage, which may be your bedroom. To save time washing up after the massage session, It’s always better to get a plastic or Nuru sheet to keep your bedsheets in good condition. You can put up an air mattress as a perfect alternative.

Be Confident

You and your partner must be confident for you to give your spouse an outstanding Nuru massage. Just remember that no one is looking and that your beloved finds you attractive and charming. Do not rush, for slow and steady wins the race! It is also advised that you take a bath before getting in a Nuru session so that you can fully enjoy the massage with your spouse

Consider getting a Nuru massage from professionals

If you want a relaxing Nuru massage from a professionally trained masseuse, then you should book an appointment with our beautiful girls. It would be an exciting journey! You can read about these lovely ladies on our website. We are confident that you would get the best Bangkok Nuru massage when you choose our girls.

If you’ve ever fantasized about experiencing a realm of pleasure, sexuality, and intimacy through Nuru massages, now is your chance.