Spicing up your sex life is not just about trying out new sex positions like the doggy, cowgirl, anals, and many others. In fact, any kind of sex would be fine if you and your partner master your bodies and connect the right way. One of the reasons why many couples have a boring sex life is because they always head straight to penetration instead of starting with some creative foreplays. There are so many ways to get the juice flowing, but Nuru massage is one of the best ways to get it done.

Who Doesn’t Like A Massage?

Everyone enjoys getting a massage, right? Yes, and massages are much more enjoyable when you do it with your partner. Going to a professional is good, but having a Nuru session with your partner is everything. A Nuru massage is an excellent opportunity to awaken and spice up your sex life.

There’s no need to be afraid of giving your lover a Nuru massage; just follow these brief instructions that would help you add an extra dimension of pleasure and sensuality to your relationship. If you and your lover want to spice up your sex life without going overboard, consider trying out a Nuru massage.

What Does It Take To Do A Nuru Massage?

There are a few simple strategies you could use to take your sex life to the next level. The best thing is that you will not have to be an acrobat or try some crazy styles to enjoy it because it requires no special physical skill. It’s typically straightforward. Nuru massage can be performed on a bed or an air mattress. When deciding where to do this massage, the most crucial factor to consider is comfort.

Can A Nuru Massage Spice Up Your Sex Life?

Nuru massage can spice up your sex life with your partner. Nuru massage is a type of body-to-body massage that involves the body and mind of both partners. To genuinely appreciate it, you must be totally immersed. When a man is being massaged, it is frequently impossible to conceal the physical thrill created by the strong bodily contact. As a result, partners are urged to practice Nuru massage for better sex life. Giving your spouse a Nuru massage should not be intimidating. After all, everyone enjoys a good massage!

A Nuru massage adds a whole new level of intimacy to a relationship while also making your spouse feel great. This massaging is for you if you’ve ever desired to add some spice to your sexual experience. You and your partner may explore each other’s bodies in a fresh and exciting way with this massage.

A Nuru massage session focuses on numerous erogenous areas to create sexual desire between partners. Nuru massage can break down the barriers that prevent partners from being fully intimate during sex. It is recommended that you do the following before beginning the massage:

Set the Mood

Although sensual massages are often about touch, however, scents and sounds may significantly improve the entire experience. Preparing the environment for the massage is critical to getting the maximum benefits of a Nuru massage.

Get a Nuru gel

A massage oil is an essential ingredient for every massage, in Nuru massage, a gel is preferred. This gel makes it easier to glide over your partner’s body. It gives you silky, supple skin and the smells help you relax and get in the mood.

Nuru Massage: How To Enjoy It With Your Partner

Nuru massages must be performed correctly in order to be enjoyed. If this is your first time, don’t worry; each step will be well explained. To begin, make sure you properly oil yourself and your partner’s body. After that, you may begin lightly touching your partner’s body.

 It is common practice to save the best moments for last. As a result, avoid massaging your partner’s genitals so that they can build up some desires first. These cravings will be satisfied at the right time.

 Always make an effort to enjoy every moment. Only when you’ve touched every muscle, then you can proceed to the genitals. Tease your lover a bit more as you move to the genitals and watch as your spouse becomes immersed in sexual delight. Don’t be in a rush. Keep an open mind as you explore the genitals. If your spouse is female, do not plunge into her genitals all at once; instead, take them piece by piece. You can now proceed to genital penetration and massage her with passion and care.

Learn From Nuru Experts

We believe these Nuru massage methods can help you improve your sex life. But, before you go test them out, we want to make a few last comments.

Remember that sex is not about checking things off a to-do list. Sexual intimacy, connection, and mutual pleasure are all crucial factors. Also, understand that excellent sex is not about innovative techniques, rather, good sex is how you and your partner feel at the end.

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