Sensual Massage our most popular

The sensual massage package at Exotic Massage Bangkok is our most popular massage, chosen for both outcall and in-shop service. Similar to erotic massage, our sensual massage focuses on the erogenous zones of the guest, gradually bringing them to climax, after a relaxing massage.

How do you like to get off? Our massage specialists are ready, willing, and able to listen to your needs and respond to them. Do you enjoy more attention to the inner thigh, the back of your neck, or do you enjoy feeling the smooth hands of our massage experts caressing your ass before giving it a squeeze? You can live our your fantasies with a sensual massage package from Exotic Massage Bangkok.

We offer the sensaul massage package with HJ for a completely satisfying experience. We also offer the sensual massage package with a BJ, which we find is our most popular service along with the sensual massage package.

Be sure to make a booking with us to request the sensual massage package for the next time you come to Exotic Massage Bangkok.

Body to Body get closer!

Experience an intimate massage with one of our massage experts, while she provides the a massage involving close contact. This massage is perfect for our guests who enjoy feeling the body of a woman slide up and down, as she utilizes various parts of her body to massage yours.

The body to body massage takes training, and we have provided our girls with proper instruction to make your body to body experience a pleasurable one. Different from a normal massage, the body to body massage involves the entire body of the masseuse. Expect your massage therapist to use her hands, her feet, her ass, her p*ssy, as well as her boobs to rub you up and down.

We offer the body to body massage package with HJ for a very satisfying experience. We also offer the body to body package with a BJ, which will bring you even closer than the body to body massage does.

For bookings, please contact us via email or phone, or alternatively use the booking app on our website.

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Tarn has a beautiful smile but also knows how to make her customers smile. You will not regret choosing Tarn, she is experienced, fun and friendly.


Dao always aims to please. With some impressive assets, Dao always leaves the customer coming back for more.

Exotic Massage Bangkok provides our guests with a long list of exotic and erotic massage services, ranging from prostate massage to body to body massage. Come see us in our clean, private massage shop on Sukhumvit Soi 22 or have us go to you at your hotel or apartment.

Did you know that Exotic Massage Bangkok has been chosen as one of the best sensual massage shops in Bangkok? Our guests have been spreading the word since our opening in May 2016, and now with the launch of our website, we are expecting a large number of people who will be showing up for a massage.

Exotic Massage Bangkok is happy to provide excellent erotic massage services to our guests who come to Bangkok. We hope you will come again and again.

Sensual massage services at our shop are of the highest quality, and our massage experts know how to make you relax and then make you excited, all within the same session.

Our services are provided by sexy girls who are also talented in the art of massage. They are ready, willing, and able to provide you with some of the best sensual massage services you have ever experienced. We hope you will come visit us soon.